On July 1, Governor Kelly swept a long awaited and much-needed increase in IDD funding in order to fill a financial hole created by the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the Kansas economy. Federal relief funding and legislation for COVID-19 so far has been inadequate for the IDD system, so these funds – which had been approved this year by the Kansas Legislature for IDD services – represented the only solid form of relief that could be relied upon to ensure everyone would get through the pandemic safely.

We won’t give up. We still need your help.

Learn more: https://www.interhab.org/crisis-in-care.

The Benefits of Membership

InterHab Membership means opportunity - the opportunity to shape the form and direction of developmental disability policy in Kansas, and the opportunity to collaborate and learn with other disability support professionals across the state.

InterHab has a long and fruitful history of advocacy and education in Kansas. We proudly serve over 40 membership organization, as well as the tens of thousands of Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities that they serve. Whether it be through advocacy before local, state, and federal governments, or through continuing education opportunities for direct support professionals and executives, InterHab strives to promote a stronger support network for all Kansans with disabilities.

Contact Janet Middendorf, Director of Membership Services, for more information.

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